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Nonprofit Spotlight: Park City Education Foundation – Filling in the Funding Gap to Help Local Students Reach Their Life-Long Potential

With Utah routinely placing at the bottom of all states for per-pupil spending, the “It Takes a Village” mantra has been fully adopted by the residents and businesses of Park City, as evidenced by their support of the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF). Founded in 1986, the mission of PCEF is to “help launch well… Read more »

Nonprofit Spotlight: EATS Park City – Striving for a Healthier Generation … One Park City Kid at a Time!

Change is afoot in the Park City School District cafeterias, and the six-year-old EATS (Eat Awesome Things at School) nonprofit is proud to be the catalyst for that change. Homemade menu items like tomato soup, cheese sticks, chili and freshly-prepared fajitas are now available alongside old-school items, such as chicken tenders and tater tots. But… Read more »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Recycle Utah

Glass! It’s the bane of Summit County. With no curbside recycling, the eco-friendly wine, beer, and kombucha-guzzlers among us must horde their used glass like squirrels stock acorns. Then, at some semi-regular interval, we load up all the empty glass bottles and make a quarterly, monthly, maybe even weekly visit to Park City’s friendly neighborhood… Read more »

Nonprofit Spotlight: The National Ability Center

This month, I’m catching up with a beloved local nonprofit that has a lot of exciting things going on: the National Ability Center. The National Ability Center (NAC) makes the recreational activities that draw many of us to the Park City area accessible to all. Recently, my friend Tanya Boland joined the NAC team to… Read more »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Summit County Children’s Justice Center

This month, I wanted to take the opportunity to shed light on the important work carried out by the Summit County Children’s Justice Center. One of 22 operating in the state of Utah, the Summit County Children’s Justice Center is a public-private partnership that depends upon the support of the community to carry out its mission… Read more »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Summit Land Conservancy

Part of what makes Park City such an incredible place to live are the gorgeous vistas surrounding us. And for those beautiful landscapes we have the Summit Land Conservancy to thank. Since 2002, this local nonprofit has been fighting to preserve the lands and watersheds we love. 2017 has been a milestone year for this incredible… Read more »

5 Nonprofits to Support for Live PC Give PC 2018

It’s almost my favorite time of year again. No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving, Opening Day at Deer Valley, or Christmas (although these are all close runners’ up). I mean Live PC Give PC, the day when Park City comes together to show our nonprofits some love. How much love? Over two million dollars worth… Read more »